The ways we use your media

Jul 5, 2021 | Uncategorized

The ways we use your media

Reading over our general service agreement or doing a brief survey of our online presence you’ll see we use digital media in a number of ways, including but not limited to: on our website, social media, in prints such as brochures, in digital and print advertising, and as part of our portfolio gallery to show potential, current, past, and future clientele. We’ve created this blog post to help those who may not quite have the idea of what we mean when we talk about how we use your digital media.


1: As part of our website

This is the most straight forward. Somewhere on our website in the right category or as part of the gallery.

Take a look around our website to see more examples about how we use photos.


2: As part of our social media

On our social media pages on Facebook or Instagram (or any future social media pages we may operate)

Photos may be edited to make it easier to read on social media or modified to help make it appear better as we see fit.

Above is an example of a post on our social media. Below is an example of a mockup that was made of the same image used above. We modified the image with a small graphic to make it look better for social media. Its important to remember that we benefit when the media on our social media looks the best possible, which is in the best interest of both parties.

3: As part of advertising

Most of the time, we advertise digitally on sites such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram, but we also advertise in print forms, and can advertise on TV — basically, we reserve the right to use your content to advertise anywhere. Keep in mind we benefit when everything looks the best. Also keep in mind that generally, if we’re running large scale marketing campaigns, we try to let everyone involved know in good faith that their likeness is being used in advertising — however, it’s not legally necessary. 

4: As part of prints

Normally, this is included in number 3, and rarely mentioned separately. We regularly print promotional, advertising, and informational material on brochures, pamphlets, and other forms of print media. The theme remains, and that is that we all benefit when everyone looks best — and that includes you. 
We also do our best to make sure if you’ll be on a print that you know (in good faith) — but again, its not legally necessary.

Above images are examples of graphics, and a mockup brochure.

5: As part of our portfolio and to show to our clientele

This is pretty straight forward and the most private of the ways we use your material. We operate two portfolio sets — one that is public, online, visible to anyone who looks for it. One is private that we use to keep track of our digital assets. This is the one we also show to our clients. Couples to be wed, media mangers, real estate agents, or anyone who is, could be, or was a client.

Finishing thoughts

There are a few to always keep in mind when deciding how you want us to manage your digital assets. We always want every party involved to look the best — that includes you. We put a lot of thought into how we represent the parties included in each of the above categories. We also do our best to inform everyone involved when they will be used in any of the above methods.

Please keep in mind that the above is subject to change and this post is not legally binding.

Last updated July 2021