About Muneris Media


Founded weeks before the pandemic, Muneris Media started as a photography company. But we didn’t find our passion until we helped a business find a creative solution to a complicated problem. We didn’t find our passion until we designed services to help keep businesses in business. Until we lifted others up with passion and technology.

Over the coming months, we developed programs and services designed with people in mind – all kinds of people in mind. Business owners, people getting married, people who hate waiting on hold, people who like when things work. People who like people. Busy people, young people, old people. All people. For humans.

Going into 2021, we knew the tough times weren’t over, so we raised the stakes. We developed an online ordering service that just worked. It worked for the businesses and the patrons. We listened to restaurant owners and made something that supported them. And every day we continue raising the stakes to support the businesses that we grew up around – we’ve dropped our startup fee completely. We’ve increased our accessibility, increased what we provide, and lowered our costs.

Looking forward, we strive to be the worlds most human centric company. No matter if they work for us, work with us, use our services, or are just checking things out.

“Coming into 2021, we knew the tough times weren’t over, so we raised the stakes.”

We loved this photo so much we wanted you to see it. We’ll stop blocking your view now.

So what does it mean?

The singular form of the latin word mūnus, “Muneris” has several meanings – a service, a favor, a gift, a duty, employment or office, but we give it it’s own meaning every single day we go to work. We carry passion and pride in it, we are loyal to it. It is our duty, our favor to you. And a gift to us.

And the logo?

We’re so glad you asked. Although we loved our original logo, it just didn’t represent our growth – so we changed it. After all we designed it thinking we would be a photography company, and we grew into so much more.

So we designed our new logo with our growth in mind. The colors, blue, yellow, and fuchsia, representing our loyalty, trustworthiness, yellow, our joy and fun spirit, and fuchsia our passion and love for what we do.

The mark is unmistakably human, and the shape of a happy person.

Lets chat. We’d love to hear from you.