We’ve rebranded!

While we started as a photography company, we have grown. The pressure on our logo has also grown to represent what we do.

You’ll start seeing changes company wide to represent this change

Meet the new logo. You’ll start seeing it around more and more.

The colors deliberate. The mark, a human in celebration.

Unique and different, yet so familiar – because it’s so human.

Here are some of the big changes

See ya later, startup fee!

The startup fee for our restaurant services customers has been axed. You pay for the printer only, which can be leased over time.

Hello, organized support

If you need help, reach out through our support portal! We now have phone, text, and email support under one number and one email, companywide.

New ways to pay

Introducing our ARB service, powered by Authorize.NET, which allows invoices to be paid automatically, saving everyone in your company and everyone in ours a lot of time.

Updates Website

It occured to us that we needed a seperate site for all things updates, especially if our servers go down. This site is hosted on a seperate network, so even if our sites go down, at least you’ll be able to see whats going on.

And much more

Over the coming days, clients will be getting detailed information about everything that is changing. We’ll be posting announcements about what is changing during this time.