Muneris Media Restaurant Services

no nonsense online ordering made to work for you. not against you.

now with no startup fee.

Built with restaurant owners in mind

We worked with restaurant owners like you with years of experience in the industry to develop a service that actually works for the restaurant industry. Every feature has been developed with restaurant owners, and the industry in mind.

We’ve meticulously thought out every detail and truly believe that this kind of service should work for you and with you. And never against you.


We never take a commission from any of your sales. Everything you earn online is yours to keep. Seriously. It’s that simple.

we include a custom domain. because your brand matters.

*non-auctioned domains

Automatic Receipt Printer. So you don’t have to relearn new tech.

Leave the complicated tech to us. Automated receipt printers print orders the second they come in. No employee retraining or complicated tech – and certainly not another tablet. Its like magic.

Buy your printer outright for $359, or lease over time.

A first party experience.

Customers love it. You will too.

What does this mean?


Its your site, your name, your domain, your colors and designs. Customers aren’t on, the colors aren’t ours, and the logo isn’t ours. This leads to high customer clarity, and less confusion. They’re connected completely to you, your site, and your branding. We work entirely in the background.

Redirect free

No redirects ever. Your customers stay on your site the entire time.

Integrate your own site

If you’re one of millions of people who built with WordPress, we can build straight into your existing site. Otherwise, we can convert your old site, updating it along the way.

Your customers will stay on the same site the entire time, making for an amazing, trusted experience.


Photos of your dishes. Completely included.*

We take photos of all of your food items when you sign up. Completely included.

*if you operate in the greater San Luis Obispo area

Only deliver to where you can.

Deliver based on zip code. Deliver to certain zip codes only and make everyone else have to pick up. Automatically.

everywhere else

Let’s talk numbers.

On average, our restaurant partners, in a month long period, saw…

7/10 Customers Returning

3/10 New Customers


468 unique visitors per month

2057 pageviews


230 orders

8 orders per day


$9,663 in sales

$39.87 per order




Accept any kind of payment.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

Low, easy to understand pricing


No cost

Full Setup and Evaluation

Platform and Domain Name

Custom Branding and Colors

Photos for all Menu Items

Extra photos for all sections, if needed

Monthly Cost


Phone, text, email support 7 days a week

Conceirge updates for all menu changes

Complete and full management

Real time reporting

System maintenence and site upkeep

Receipt Printer

$50 a month lease

or $359 outright

*lease term minimum of 6 months

Automagically prints orders as soon as they are placed

Complete and full setup

If you are leasing, don’t pay for accidental damage or breaks.

How to get started


Fill out inquiry form below

We’ll get back to you within 48 hours (probably much sooner)


Our magic

Over a period of 7 days, we’ll work our magic. We’ll definatley ask questions, and by the end of 7 days your system will be ready.


Start taking orders

On your mark, get set, go! We’ll turn your system on and work with your team to develop strategies to help it grow.

What are you waiting for?

Need additional information? Have questions? Need someone to talk to? Let’s talk. We’re here to help.